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I am Christina, I was born and raised in Vermont. I have worked in the pet industry for over 10 years. I am a part-time photographer and a full-time dog groomer, and trainer. I am also a mom of two beautiful girls, five dogs and two cats. I strive to always have professional and fun interactions with my clients. Vermont is such a wonderful place to call home and we have a huge assortment of gorgeous landscapes and backdrops to aid in capturing awesome candid moments for my clients. I'm always looking for more places to photograph within to add more story into my work!

In 2023 I lost my Australian shepherd, Hendrix, at a mere 7 years old. He was always my sidekick and model for my photography. He was my heart dog and when he passed, I wished I had not only more moments captured of him, but with him as well. To keep his memory alive, I want to help owners, by giving them amazing moments frozen in time. Or helping owners capture images of their beloved pet at the end of their life.

I am also a horse- lover and would love to help more horse owners have cherished mementos of their beloved equines!

As a mom of 2 I also know how it is to almost never get photos of me and my girlies together, so I want to give other mommas the chance to get in front of the camera and help then get lasting memories with their littles, because they aren't little, long enough.

I am also affiliated with The Tilly Project

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I was born and raised here in Vermont, am a mom of two beautiful girls, I love to travel, animals, and adventures!

I’m Christina
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